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No time for……

15 Dec

So much has been going on lately, that here I am in the middle of the night, writing.  This post has a strange title, but it sums up my feelings.  I have been itching to write this post for some time, but something else always took priority.  Whenever I would think of writing in my blog or doing one of my enjoyable hobbies, that familiar phrase “I haven’t time” kept coming to my mind.

I haven’t time.  Such a silly expression, really.  Every moment we are alive, time is the one thing we DO have!  It is just that I often want to do more than one thing in the moments.  I’ve been thinking about the concept of “being present in the moment”; meaning to really think about and experience whatever I’m doing at that time.  I feel I don’t do this nearly enough.  Seems like there is so many things going through my mind that often I miss enjoying and actually being in the moment.

Since October I have been busy with family.  Visiting and having them here.  Wonderful times together.  Something I value very much.  But, as always, when I’m busy with one thing, other things have to fall behind.  We can’t have or do everything.  And, if we could we wouldn’t value things as much.  I believe I value the special times so much, partly because they are special.

Back to this post’s title.  I do have time.  It is comforting to remind myself of that and realize the time I spend with my family is a choice.  I have decided that being with them is the most important thing for that time.  And, even tonight when I can’t sleep, I am choosing to write this post instead of lying here awake or playing a game on my iPad.  How I spend so many of my moments is the result of a choice.  I have time for what I choose to have time for.

So instead of regretting the things I haven’t been doing, I want to value those things that I have been experiencing.  I want  to consciously think about the choices I make, to know that I am doing what I am at present because it is what I choose to do with my time at this moment.  I want to value each moment for what it is.

Along with blogging my drawing has been on hold.  And I’m longing to get back to that also.  I have been taking pictures and clipping pics from the web–all the while thinking of how I can draw them.  I even talked to my little granddaughter about some of them the other day.  How I treasure these moments of sharing with those I love!

Well, two days have passed since I started this post.  I’ve had lots of different moments during that time, some good and some not so good.  But today I again visited with those close to me and value it–indeed more than anything else I might have done.  So it seems I am learning to value my moments.

My knitting is on the back burner at present.  I did talk to one granddaughter about making her another scarf for this winter.  She mentioned that her other one is too little.  So I hopefully I will remember to take my knitting with me on my next trip.  I really missed it on my last one.  Guess I packed to quickly.  I took my sketch books, but the situation wasn’t right for that.  It would have been right for knitting, but I had forgot it.  That’s just how life goes sometimes.  At least for me.

The other night (before I started writing this post) I stumbled onto a blog about drawing  www.starrpoint.blogspot.com.  The first article I found was about drawing snow in the winter landscape.  I have really been drawn to winter scenes lately.  I liked the post so much that I skimmed though others.  In the archives I read the first post.  It is a poem about finally calling herself an artist.  Just a name for something she has been all along.  I really appreciated the poem.  So I now I wonder, since I have such a need to write and so enjoy writing this blog, does that make me a writer?  Like the artist felt, the title seems too big or important for what I’m doing.  But, maybe???   Kind of thrilling to even think of having such a title, that maybe I could be a writer!

My Art page

8 Nov

Well, after establishing a Facebook page, I’ve finally created a page on this blog titled My Art.  (You will see it at the top right.)  I now have a drop-down menu to separate categories.  These pages are where I will be posting pics of my drawings, paintings, and other artwork.  I have a few posted at present.  After I get a better camera I will be posting more.

I’m hoping the art page will encourage me to actually DO more drawings.  I was doing really well as long as I was taking the lessons, but lately I have hardly drawn anything.  So I’m aiming at posting at least two new drawings a month.  That is in addition to the ones I have already completed but not yet posted.

I appreciate all the Facebook comments I’ve received.  All comments encourage me to keep on.  I’m also pleased that the number of people who follow my blog has increased.

Back online

16 Oct

Well, I’m finally back online.  After several frustrating weeks and trying various things, I determined that I needed a new router.  Which lead to internet search and shopping expedition to find the best value.  I tend to do that with almost everything–I want the best value for my money.  I ended up getting one from Amazon.

If I could, I would order everything online–I never have enjoyed shopping.  Except in a yarn store.  There I love to feel and see the different colors and blends.  Also a bakery where I can smell the breads.  I guess I am a very sensetory (I know that’s not really a word) person.  I seem to see beyond the obvious.  Sometimes I don’t even notice the obvious, instead my focus is on something else.  And when I listen to people speak, I hear the nuance as much as the words.  I’m not content just to look at or even have pretty flowers.  I need to touch them, smell them, and sometimes even to taste.  My kids could tell you about the flowers I used to put in salads, or the candied rose petals and violets.

One strange thing about me is that although I enjoy different tastes, I can eat just about anything.  Sometimes I concoct weird dishes.  When my kids were little I always insisted that they at least try everything. One bite can’t hurt.  Well, this backfired on me at my son’s recently.  He, too,  loves to experiment making different things.  But unlike me, he is very scientific in his methods and tracks each new venture.  He had made some egss–he told me about the method but I don’t remember what it is called.  (I probably wasn’t paying enough attention to his words.)  He uses a thermometer in the water and they are cooked for a long time.  Anyway, he had used this method and served the egg over toast.  The yolk was solid and stood up, but the white was very runny.  It looked pretty, but I like my eggs hard and just didn’t know if I could eat it.  So I ask if I could cook mine some more.  Did I ever hear it!  Both my sons were like “NO, mom, you have to ate least taste it  One bite won’t hurt you.  You have at least eat one bite.”  Well, I had to laugh with them, but I must admit I was one of the hardest bites I ever got down!  They were so surprised, cause they thought I could eat anything.  So I had to tell them that, even I, have some drawbacks.  One is runny eggs and the other is finding bones or eggshells in my food.   Whenever that occurs I find it very hard to get the food down, and to keep down what I’ve already eaten.

Last week my daughter and I did some masks for Faces.  See www.facesunmasked.org  We had fun making the masks and it is for a good cause. My effort at philanthropy .  I like the Wikipedia definition <philanthropy— the “love of what it is to be human”>   As soon as I have some time I will post the pics of the masks as well as ones of my drawings.  I, also, hope to get a post out soon about food and my eating healthy venture.

Back to the sensetory word.  I typed it in a web page just to see what came up.  Spelled either sensetory or sensitory it isn’t a word.  But I did find a Sensatori Resort Crete.  It is a sport type hands on resort–which I’m sure is way out of my price range.  It claims to bring you everything from sports to spa treatments with a touch of classic Creek style.  There are 4 restaurants, a main one with buffets, a Greek, a Tex-Mex and a Thai.  It sounds like a great place!

When I read their menus and often when I read of restaurant offerings for different types of food, I want to try to make them at home.  So I have lots of different spices and seasonings.  I enjoy experimenting, well really I probably like the experimenting, the trying as much as the taste of the finished product.  Sometime I enjoy the process much more than the product–as in the old world cheese venture!

That seems to be all that I have today.  Hopefully I can get another post soon.  Thanks for all of your comments and keep them coming.

The broken road of my journey in art

21 Sep

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted.  My interent has been very sporatic for a while.  I’ve got my laptop hooked up directly to the satalite modem now to see if the problem could be my router.  I think I have a love/hate relationship with technology!

I’ve been wanting to get some of my drawings posted.  I’ve taken pictures of them with my iphone 3, but unfortunately they aren’t the greatest.  I’ve heard the iphone 4 takes better pics.  But I’m going to attempt to use what I have and see if I can get some posted anyway.

Like my mother before me, I’ve always wanted to be able to draw and paint.  Recently, my brother gave me some of her drawings that he found in storage (we think they are from when she was in high school).  She did self portraits as well as ones of others in her family.  They are quite good.

One of my daugthers is very artistic.  She can paint, draw, decorate cakes, do crafts, as well as make things out of wood.  She is an inspiration to me.

For the last 20 years or so I have done sporatic drawings/paintings.  In the early 90’s I took a Bob Ross wet on wet painting class.  For a time after that I did several paintings.  My daughter did also, even doing some on old saws and saw blades.  I bought oil paints, brushes and canvas.  But unfortunately I didn’t keep it up.

Then sometime later I got interested in acrylics.  Again I purchased paints and brushes.  But it just didn’t seem to capture my attention for very long.  I liked doing it but, as with the wet on wet oil painting, I seemed to enjoy the process as much as the finished project.  And it was completed so quickly that it kind of frustrated me.

Then, last fall I went with a daughter-in-law to a couple of  her pastel painting classes.  I loved it–so much that she gave me a set of pastels!  But though I read books and checked out internet sites about pastel painting, I became frustrated.  I realized this time it was because I didn’t know how to draw.

So this summer I began taking drawing lessons.  I found an art teacher that would give me one-on-one classes.  When I first began I felt I didn’t know anything about drawing.  I would draw in my notebook for the actual class drawings, but most of the time I just drew on scrap paper.  Then, slowly my confidnece grew.  One day I looked at a drawing I had just completed and wished it was in my notebook.  That day I decided I had enough knowledge/skill that I all my drawings would be in my notebook!   It was king of a breakthrough for me.  (Of course, I still doodle and draw on scrap paper when I’m on the phone sometimes.)  So as well as giving me knowledge and skill, I realized the lessons have encreased my confidence.

Surprisingly, when I found an older notebook from a few years ago I noticed some of those drawimgs were quite good.    Of course I didn’t know anything about perspective, but I had captured the feel of the images.   I have learned so much and find that there is so much about drawing that I love.  I can draw something as simpIe as a spoon or work on a detailed animal or landscape.  I can do a quick sketch if I like.  Or, I can work at one drawing for several weeks, returning to it again and again, to add a little detail or change something a bit.  I have not yet tried to draw people–at present I don’t have the desire to.  Some days I find I only want to draw rocks, other days clouds.  Presently I’m intrigued with roads and highways.  I still haven’t been able to capture the look I want with those.  I feel it will take a lot of practice.  I also feel drawing is something I will never get tired of.  Indeed,  I feel this is one aspect of art that I will continue.

Pastels still hold my interest as well.  But I will have to get a lot more knowledge of color and light before I want to attempt much with them.  Also, I would benefit from some classes or lessons.  I can learn a lot via books and the internet, but some things work best with acual people.  Perhaps it is the interchange of ideas I value as much as the actual knowledge.  But pastels aren’t my focus at the moment.   They are probably one of the leftovers I will return to at a later time.

Well this post has gotten quite long and I haven’t even posted any artwork.  I guess I will keep the actural pictures for my next post.  Especially since it will I will have to learn all over again how to post them!  I seem to need to do things over and over to have lasting knowledge.

So I’ll close this post by adding my categories and tags–yes, I did remember them this time.  I hope to get the pictures posted by next week if my internet cooperates.

Starting Drawing lessons

18 Jul

Last week I had my 2nd drawing lesson.  I have read/looked at many books and articles on perspective, but never really understood it.  But on my way home from the lesson I was seeing the countryside with new eyes.  I could now see how everything could be drawn.  To me, that is amazing!

But I’m finding out that just because I now know how to draw things, I have only started to learn to draw.  I need so much of the old ‘practice makes perfect’.  But I am trying not to get discouraged. Even if I can’t make things look exactly like I want, they are certainly better than I have ever drawn before and I UNDERSTAND what I’m doing now.

I am also learning how to shade objects to give them a 3D look.  We touched on the direction of light.  I realized I that I am better at the 3d than the light aspect.

I have been interested in art-drawing, painting, etc- for a long time.  At one time I took a Bob Ross wet on wet oil painting class at Hobby Lobby.  I enjoyed it and did a few other paintings at the time, before becoming discouraged because I couldn’t make things look ‘right’.   More recently I attended two pastel painting classes.  I really enjoyed that.  However I realized that if I ever wanted to be any good I needed to learn to draw.  That is what painting is based on, at least it seems so to me.

However I am finding that I love drawing for itself, not just as a step to painting.  There are three things that I’m yearning to draw well–rocks, shadows, and water.   I hope to consentrate on them later.  For now I am practising with still life, shapes and perspective.

Hey, all  you beginning artists (and also the experts) let me know what you are doing, ok?

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