No time for……

15 Dec

So much has been going on lately, that here I am in the middle of the night, writing.  This post has a strange title, but it sums up my feelings.  I have been itching to write this post for some time, but something else always took priority.  Whenever I would think of writing in my blog or doing one of my enjoyable hobbies, that familiar phrase “I haven’t time” kept coming to my mind.

I haven’t time.  Such a silly expression, really.  Every moment we are alive, time is the one thing we DO have!  It is just that I often want to do more than one thing in the moments.  I’ve been thinking about the concept of “being present in the moment”; meaning to really think about and experience whatever I’m doing at that time.  I feel I don’t do this nearly enough.  Seems like there is so many things going through my mind that often I miss enjoying and actually being in the moment.

Since October I have been busy with family.  Visiting and having them here.  Wonderful times together.  Something I value very much.  But, as always, when I’m busy with one thing, other things have to fall behind.  We can’t have or do everything.  And, if we could we wouldn’t value things as much.  I believe I value the special times so much, partly because they are special.

Back to this post’s title.  I do have time.  It is comforting to remind myself of that and realize the time I spend with my family is a choice.  I have decided that being with them is the most important thing for that time.  And, even tonight when I can’t sleep, I am choosing to write this post instead of lying here awake or playing a game on my iPad.  How I spend so many of my moments is the result of a choice.  I have time for what I choose to have time for.

So instead of regretting the things I haven’t been doing, I want to value those things that I have been experiencing.  I want  to consciously think about the choices I make, to know that I am doing what I am at present because it is what I choose to do with my time at this moment.  I want to value each moment for what it is.

Along with blogging my drawing has been on hold.  And I’m longing to get back to that also.  I have been taking pictures and clipping pics from the web–all the while thinking of how I can draw them.  I even talked to my little granddaughter about some of them the other day.  How I treasure these moments of sharing with those I love!

Well, two days have passed since I started this post.  I’ve had lots of different moments during that time, some good and some not so good.  But today I again visited with those close to me and value it–indeed more than anything else I might have done.  So it seems I am learning to value my moments.

My knitting is on the back burner at present.  I did talk to one granddaughter about making her another scarf for this winter.  She mentioned that her other one is too little.  So I hopefully I will remember to take my knitting with me on my next trip.  I really missed it on my last one.  Guess I packed to quickly.  I took my sketch books, but the situation wasn’t right for that.  It would have been right for knitting, but I had forgot it.  That’s just how life goes sometimes.  At least for me.

The other night (before I started writing this post) I stumbled onto a blog about drawing  The first article I found was about drawing snow in the winter landscape.  I have really been drawn to winter scenes lately.  I liked the post so much that I skimmed though others.  In the archives I read the first post.  It is a poem about finally calling herself an artist.  Just a name for something she has been all along.  I really appreciated the poem.  So I now I wonder, since I have such a need to write and so enjoy writing this blog, does that make me a writer?  Like the artist felt, the title seems too big or important for what I’m doing.  But, maybe???   Kind of thrilling to even think of having such a title, that maybe I could be a writer!

2 Responses to “No time for……”

  1. hmstitt December 15, 2012 at 4:43 am #

    Very well said! Life is too short and family is too precious for us to be regretful of what we are not doing. Hugs!

  2. celine outlet December 16, 2012 at 10:19 am #

    I admire your blog , it has of lot of information. You just got one perennial visitor of this blog!

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