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No time for……

15 Dec

So much has been going on lately, that here I am in the middle of the night, writing.  This post has a strange title, but it sums up my feelings.  I have been itching to write this post for some time, but something else always took priority.  Whenever I would think of writing in my blog or doing one of my enjoyable hobbies, that familiar phrase “I haven’t time” kept coming to my mind.

I haven’t time.  Such a silly expression, really.  Every moment we are alive, time is the one thing we DO have!  It is just that I often want to do more than one thing in the moments.  I’ve been thinking about the concept of “being present in the moment”; meaning to really think about and experience whatever I’m doing at that time.  I feel I don’t do this nearly enough.  Seems like there is so many things going through my mind that often I miss enjoying and actually being in the moment.

Since October I have been busy with family.  Visiting and having them here.  Wonderful times together.  Something I value very much.  But, as always, when I’m busy with one thing, other things have to fall behind.  We can’t have or do everything.  And, if we could we wouldn’t value things as much.  I believe I value the special times so much, partly because they are special.

Back to this post’s title.  I do have time.  It is comforting to remind myself of that and realize the time I spend with my family is a choice.  I have decided that being with them is the most important thing for that time.  And, even tonight when I can’t sleep, I am choosing to write this post instead of lying here awake or playing a game on my iPad.  How I spend so many of my moments is the result of a choice.  I have time for what I choose to have time for.

So instead of regretting the things I haven’t been doing, I want to value those things that I have been experiencing.  I want  to consciously think about the choices I make, to know that I am doing what I am at present because it is what I choose to do with my time at this moment.  I want to value each moment for what it is.

Along with blogging my drawing has been on hold.  And I’m longing to get back to that also.  I have been taking pictures and clipping pics from the web–all the while thinking of how I can draw them.  I even talked to my little granddaughter about some of them the other day.  How I treasure these moments of sharing with those I love!

Well, two days have passed since I started this post.  I’ve had lots of different moments during that time, some good and some not so good.  But today I again visited with those close to me and value it–indeed more than anything else I might have done.  So it seems I am learning to value my moments.

My knitting is on the back burner at present.  I did talk to one granddaughter about making her another scarf for this winter.  She mentioned that her other one is too little.  So I hopefully I will remember to take my knitting with me on my next trip.  I really missed it on my last one.  Guess I packed to quickly.  I took my sketch books, but the situation wasn’t right for that.  It would have been right for knitting, but I had forgot it.  That’s just how life goes sometimes.  At least for me.

The other night (before I started writing this post) I stumbled onto a blog about drawing  www.starrpoint.blogspot.com.  The first article I found was about drawing snow in the winter landscape.  I have really been drawn to winter scenes lately.  I liked the post so much that I skimmed though others.  In the archives I read the first post.  It is a poem about finally calling herself an artist.  Just a name for something she has been all along.  I really appreciated the poem.  So I now I wonder, since I have such a need to write and so enjoy writing this blog, does that make me a writer?  Like the artist felt, the title seems too big or important for what I’m doing.  But, maybe???   Kind of thrilling to even think of having such a title, that maybe I could be a writer!

Websites I love

8 Aug

When checking my email this morning I realized , again, how much I tend to go overboard.  Because I am interested in so many different things, I visit all kinds of websites.  And, often, I check the little box that puts me on their mailing list.  Such a little, seemingly innocent,  action sure can create a  deluge!  But if I unsubscribe I might miss out on something.  So I usually just browse thru, deleting as I go.  When I see something that looks interesting I may check it out.  Most often, tho, I leave it till later, which only makes the job take longer next time.  When I get more time I scan more closely, saving what I want.  My email folders grow larger.  To make matters worse, when I  visit the sites, many times I will create bookmarks, causing those folders to grow.  It can get a little overwhelming, at times, but at least I always have something to check out!

One site that has me on their email list is www.instructables.com.  You can find almost anything on this site!  Often, something quirky will catch my eye and I have to check it out.  I hardly ever really do any of the activities, but I love reading about them and looking at the pictures.  One that recently caught my eye was this  http://www.instructables.com/id/Magnetic-Sugru-Stix/  This is one of those things like I always wished I could get my kids to try, and now my grandkids.  I don’t know why I can’t seem to want to do it for myself.  I guess I would rather do it with someone.  The Instrucables site reminds me of the “Make” magazines that I get from my son once they are done with them.  After I check them out, wonder about the ideas, then finally realize they are just ideas–not something I really want to do–I pass them on to my grandson.  I don’t know if he ‘makes’ anything or not.  But at least we enjoy reading about the ideas.  We all seem to share the same spark.

Since I enjoy knitting I subscribe to some of those sites.  Purple Kitty Yarns www.purplekittyyarns.com offers some free patterns.  Creative Knitting  www.creativeknittingmagazine.com sends me helpful “how-to” info.  I get notices from two yarn companies, Knit Picks www.knitpicks.com and Loin yarn www.lionbrandyarn.com.  Both offer free patterns as well as other patterns, yarn and knitting supplies.  I purchased a set of interchangeable needles from Knit Picks.

Knitty, www.knitty.com is  another site that has me on their list.   I just love this site!  Unlike Instructables, I actually do things from this site.  I like looking at their knitting patterns–they have lots of free ones, and very helpfulf tutorials.  They are connected to Interweave, http://www.interweave.com which has magazines on crafts and art.   I get emails from two other Intervweave sites besides knitty.com:  http://www.artistdaily.com and www.sewdaily.com,  Interweave sends me offers of  free ebooks that I can download.  You are starting to see why my mailbox fills up so quickly.  But it doesn’t stop here.

I am also subscribed to www.flylady.net.  This is one I browse through.  I send the kids challenges to my young granddaughters.  I usually delete the testimonials cause I just don’t have the time or desire to read them.  I did at first.  I really think Flylady has a good thing going.  This site helps motivate me.  I don’t do ALL the challenges and my dishes aren’t always done, but I really like the looks of a clean, shiny sink!  Like I say, the site helps motivate me.  And I need that motivation.  I like the looks of a clean, well ordered home, but unfortunately I don’t love housework.  But, I think/hope that is improving.  I tend to go in spurts with housecleaning like I do with other stuff.  So any motivation I can get helps.

From the Flylady site I got hooked up with Big Tent  www.bigtent.com    I was subscribing to to some exercise emails, but discontinued them.  It was just too much.  I liked the exercise idea and I know I need to do it, but when  I went to the website I  hated the sound of the  coach’s voice!  I just knew I could never listen to that very long.  But, of course, that didn’t stop my from saving some of the emails.   (Wish I knew how to add a smiley face).

I also get two more emails from the Flylady link, www.savingdinner.com and www.missussmartypants.com.  At least the Miss Smarty Pants is a weekly, not daily one.  I have listened to her radio a few times, but find I would rather just read the emails–I do always read hers, and occasionally visit her site.  I feel they are both good sites, but I am considering removing myself from the Saving Dinner  email and just visit the site.

I recently joined  the National Gardening Club, www.gardenclub.org and get an email called “Extra Dirt” from them.  It features items that members have tested and approved.  I like to see what is on the market.  I wonder if any items I test will end up there?

National Wildlife Federation, www.nwf.org lets me know when the subscriptions for my grandchildren are due.  I like giving magazines to the kids as gifts.  Its something fun, educational and lasts all year, not just for the moment.  The older kids are getting too old for these magazines, but the younger ones still love them.  I haven’t found any magazines I want to subscribe to for the older ones yet.  I thought of  “Make”  for one of my grandsons, but it costs too much.    I can afford the NWF ones, it is a good value for my money.

Other places I get mail from are:

www.motherearthnews.com, lots of ideas from this one.  I used to get this magazine from friends when they were done, then passed it back.  This seems to be a magazine people want to hold onto.  You can now get back issues on DVD.  Some other magazines I used to get were “National Gardener”, “Homesteading”, and “Organic Gardening” (I used to have back copies of this one).  But, alas, every time I moved I had to get rid of more stuff, and now the magazines are gone.  But, thanks to technology, I can get the articles via web now.

www.amazon.com (you can get almost everything from this site),

www.tumbleweedhouses.com, The tiny house site is interesting, although I would never want to go as small as that.  And it seems to me their homes cost a lot for being so little.

www.30daygourmet.com,  This one is mostly just ideas and sometimes a recipe I like.  I really haven’t ever done the freezer cooking.  Sometimes I freeze leftover, but don’t plan it.  I don’t even plan menus or meals ahead.  I know all the ‘experts’ say we should.  But every time I try something comes up and I have to change it anyway, so I just don’t bother.

When I started this post I really didn’t expect it to be quite so long.   It’s just that I see something and get carried away on to another and then another thing.  Even though some times it can sometimes be a little overwhelming, at least I never get bored!

Latest Knitting endeavor

9 Jul

Knitted with Love For my youngest granddaughters

Just finished knitting halter tops and skirts for my two youngest granddaughters.  Next I will be working on a pink and white halter top for the 5 year old .

The skirts were a lot harder than I expected.  I had to start over many times.  Finally I decided just to finish them-even tho there are mistakes.  Hopefully they will still have fun playing dress up with them.

The halter top is a from www.freepatterns.com and the skirt is designed by Cathy Campbell for Crystal Palace Yarns.  I got both from a link off www.knittingpatternscentral.com.

I’ve been trying to insert the picture into this post, but no luck yet.  I was able to get the pic into my photo gallery, but don’t know how to get it to appear in the post yet.  I’ll try again later.

Just figured out how to get the photo inserted into the post.  Yeah!

My changing interests

8 Jun

Life has a way of changing desires and plans.  So often things I have liked or been interested in briefly at one time, will resurface later-sometimes years later.

One of these interests that has returned is knitting. I learned to knit many years ago while in high school.  As is common with me, I wasn’t content to start out small so jumped right in and attempted to make a cardigan with cables.  It had a kind of bubble type stitching.  It wasn’t easy, to say the least!  But I finished it.  I didn’t know anything about blocking (or possibly I read about it and it seemed too much trouble?).  Anyway I had my completed yellow sweater.   I wore it at home and was proud of it, but didn’t really want to knit anymore.

But a few years ago my interested resurfaced.  At first it began as a pastime while waiting in doctor office, etc.  This time I had sense enough to start out small.   (One thing about me is that I do seem to learn from my blunders.)  My project was a one skein scarf kit with furry type yarn.  I was hooked!  I discovered so many, many different, marvelous kinds of yarn.  All I knew before was the old acrylic standby.  And needles!   Not just the old metal ones.  But wood, plastic, double pointed, and amazingly circular!  They looked so strange and I wondered how anyone could ever learn to use them.   But since I am not afraid to try new things-indeed I tend to thrive with new things-I decided to be brave and attempt it.   Needless to say it became my passion.  I now knit almost exclusively with circulars!   I recently was given a set of the plastic circular, and though I didn’t think I would like plastic, I have have enjoyed working with them. I have found I like differentkinds of needles with different yarn.

I have several young grandchildren.  They are so forgiving.  I can knit things for them even with mistakes and they love them!  I have experimented with different kinds of yarn.  I even learned how to unravel old sweaters for yarn.  I found one can quickly go overboard buying on eBay. I have a huge stash that I am slowly working through.

My most difficult and rewarding project was a fingerless glove with flip over part to make a mitten.  They took me much longer than I expected, but I learned so much.  I want to do another pair.  Guess I should start soon if I want them completed for this winter.

I have attempted socks, but just can’t quite get the hangs of it.  For now I’m content with making top, dresses and scarves for grand kids.  I just completed a skirt and working on another.   It seems I usually don’t follow the pattern exactly.  Sometimes I find a mistake and don’t want to redo all so I just change the pattern a little to make it work.  So all my pieces are originals!

Another thing that has resurfaced is my desire to learn Spanish.  I joined a small informal Spanish lesson group.  So if you see some of my text misspelled, don’t freak out!   It is just my attempts to learn the language.  If any of my viewers know Spanish, please jump in and help out.  I mostly know only the present tense Spanish.  And since I haven’t had formal training for over 10 years I have forgotten much.

Well, the day is calling,  so I’ll sign off for now.  I hope to get some response from these posts, but even if I don’t I enjoy writing them.  It seems to fulfillby need for expression!

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