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Filling my time during the Covid-19 stay at home

9 Jul

Before the virus outbreak, I had been socilizing every day and it was quite a change to not see anyone for weeks. This probably wasn’t as hard for me as some people, though, because I like change, in fact I thrive on it.

But as the weeks turned into months, I begin to get a little stir crazy. Somewhere along the line, I started cooking again. As I started searching for different recipes, and experimented with different dishes, I became a little dismayed that I had let other activities rob me on my joy of cooking.

I haven’t been a grocery store since the middle of March, only do curbside pickup every 2-3 weeks. (My tiny refrigerator doesn’t leave me much room for perishables.) I’ve taken liberal advantage of foods from Amazon, ordering different flours, legumes, seeds, and spices.

In late February, I started an indoor window garden (I hope to post about that later) and have had greens of some form and fixed some way at about once a week since they started producing in April. I also have tomato, pepper, eggplant, and melon plants in buckets outside.

I’ve read some books online. I thought I would do more art, but that hasn’t yet become a reality. The same with playing my ukulele and accordian. In spite of not doing any art or music, I’ve done a lot of online browsing on each, plus food, garden, books, etc. I still have many different interests.

And now, I’ve finally started blogging again. When I first thought about blogging this summer, I was astounded that my last post was in 2017! I guess I’ve been so busy living, I didn’t take the time to blog. As I started trying to post and work on my new blog, I realized WordPress had changed somewhat since I had last posted. It was another learning curve to get going again, another learning experience. Like cooking, I’m finding blogging very fulfilling, wondering why I let it slide. What got me going again was the fact that, especially during this epidemic, Facebook just wasn’t enough to satisfy my social interaction needs, nor my love for the written word.

And speaking of the written word, I’ve been doing indepth Bible studies. I’ve completed studies on angels, the Holy Spirit, and am currently on Revelation.

Back online

16 Oct

Well, I’m finally back online.  After several frustrating weeks and trying various things, I determined that I needed a new router.  Which lead to internet search and shopping expedition to find the best value.  I tend to do that with almost everything–I want the best value for my money.  I ended up getting one from Amazon.

If I could, I would order everything online–I never have enjoyed shopping.  Except in a yarn store.  There I love to feel and see the different colors and blends.  Also a bakery where I can smell the breads.  I guess I am a very sensetory (I know that’s not really a word) person.  I seem to see beyond the obvious.  Sometimes I don’t even notice the obvious, instead my focus is on something else.  And when I listen to people speak, I hear the nuance as much as the words.  I’m not content just to look at or even have pretty flowers.  I need to touch them, smell them, and sometimes even to taste.  My kids could tell you about the flowers I used to put in salads, or the candied rose petals and violets.

One strange thing about me is that although I enjoy different tastes, I can eat just about anything.  Sometimes I concoct weird dishes.  When my kids were little I always insisted that they at least try everything. One bite can’t hurt.  Well, this backfired on me at my son’s recently.  He, too,  loves to experiment making different things.  But unlike me, he is very scientific in his methods and tracks each new venture.  He had made some egss–he told me about the method but I don’t remember what it is called.  (I probably wasn’t paying enough attention to his words.)  He uses a thermometer in the water and they are cooked for a long time.  Anyway, he had used this method and served the egg over toast.  The yolk was solid and stood up, but the white was very runny.  It looked pretty, but I like my eggs hard and just didn’t know if I could eat it.  So I ask if I could cook mine some more.  Did I ever hear it!  Both my sons were like “NO, mom, you have to ate least taste it  One bite won’t hurt you.  You have at least eat one bite.”  Well, I had to laugh with them, but I must admit I was one of the hardest bites I ever got down!  They were so surprised, cause they thought I could eat anything.  So I had to tell them that, even I, have some drawbacks.  One is runny eggs and the other is finding bones or eggshells in my food.   Whenever that occurs I find it very hard to get the food down, and to keep down what I’ve already eaten.

Last week my daughter and I did some masks for Faces.  See www.facesunmasked.org  We had fun making the masks and it is for a good cause. My effort at philanthropy .  I like the Wikipedia definition <philanthropy— the “love of what it is to be human”>   As soon as I have some time I will post the pics of the masks as well as ones of my drawings.  I, also, hope to get a post out soon about food and my eating healthy venture.

Back to the sensetory word.  I typed it in a web page just to see what came up.  Spelled either sensetory or sensitory it isn’t a word.  But I did find a Sensatori Resort Crete.  It is a sport type hands on resort–which I’m sure is way out of my price range.  It claims to bring you everything from sports to spa treatments with a touch of classic Creek style.  There are 4 restaurants, a main one with buffets, a Greek, a Tex-Mex and a Thai.  It sounds like a great place!

When I read their menus and often when I read of restaurant offerings for different types of food, I want to try to make them at home.  So I have lots of different spices and seasonings.  I enjoy experimenting, well really I probably like the experimenting, the trying as much as the taste of the finished product.  Sometime I enjoy the process much more than the product–as in the old world cheese venture!

That seems to be all that I have today.  Hopefully I can get another post soon.  Thanks for all of your comments and keep them coming.

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