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Starting Drawing lessons

18 Jul

Last week I had my 2nd drawing lesson.  I have read/looked at many books and articles on perspective, but never really understood it.  But on my way home from the lesson I was seeing the countryside with new eyes.  I could now see how everything could be drawn.  To me, that is amazing!

But I’m finding out that just because I now know how to draw things, I have only started to learn to draw.  I need so much of the old ‘practice makes perfect’.  But I am trying not to get discouraged. Even if I can’t make things look exactly like I want, they are certainly better than I have ever drawn before and I UNDERSTAND what I’m doing now.

I am also learning how to shade objects to give them a 3D look.  We touched on the direction of light.  I realized I that I am better at the 3d than the light aspect.

I have been interested in art-drawing, painting, etc- for a long time.  At one time I took a Bob Ross wet on wet oil painting class at Hobby Lobby.  I enjoyed it and did a few other paintings at the time, before becoming discouraged because I couldn’t make things look ‘right’.   More recently I attended two pastel painting classes.  I really enjoyed that.  However I realized that if I ever wanted to be any good I needed to learn to draw.  That is what painting is based on, at least it seems so to me.

However I am finding that I love drawing for itself, not just as a step to painting.  There are three things that I’m yearning to draw well–rocks, shadows, and water.   I hope to consentrate on them later.  For now I am practising with still life, shapes and perspective.

Hey, all  you beginning artists (and also the experts) let me know what you are doing, ok?

Practico español

18 Jul

Entiendo los verbos presente pero aprendo los verbos pasado.  Trato usa la configuraciòn en mi IPad ‘Spanish’.  Pero el IPad configure en el verbo corecto y no entiendo las polabras.  Entonces, leo en el Internet que cuando apreto  las tecias del el IPad, las lettras el marca acento aprece.   Una problems usa este mètodo es el iPad corecte las polabras automatice y es necesario escribo despacio y con cuidado.

En esta semana voy a la granja de mi hija los màs jóvenes. Ella y la familia vamos en la vacaciòn.  Cuando en la granja doy de comer de los granos a las animalas.  Las animalas de mi hija son las gallinas, los gallos, los patos, los gansos, los caballos y una canejo. Me gusta voy de la granja de mi hija pero mi gusta mas cuando las tempuratura no es tan caliento.

Yo solicito las correciones en esta carta, por favor.

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