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Cheese update, July 1

1 Jul

The Feta is very tasty.  I think the goat chease recipe has a pronounced lime taste, so I may not have added the correcct portions (I made 1.5x recipe).  But it is still very good.

The Cornish cheese seemed very crumbly when I went to wrap it.   Strange because I thought I followed the direction on that recipe closer than I did the others.   It said to put it on cool spot, and the only place that is cool here is my fridge.  So I put it in veggie drawer.   I forgot to put the basil leaves on it.  I thout of it today so unwrapped it and tried to rap some leaves around  the cheese, but it is still very crumbly.  It, and the Picking cheese should be ready to sample by middle of July.   The Picing hardly smells at all now, so I’m really glad I didn’t throw it out early on when it smelled so bad!

I haven’t made any manicotti yet, but been using the cheese on top of  omelets and baked potatoes and it tastes very good.  I got too busy to make the ricotta and my freezer got too full for any more whey, so the rest went into the compost pile.  I thought of using to water garden, but luckily saw on one of the ‘uses for whey’ sites that it can burn plants if not diluted.

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