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Random thoughts of this week

20 Jul

As I drove to the city today a lot of thoughts were going through mind–things I wanted to write in my blog..   I found myself wishing I had a tape recorder with me, so I would be able to post them when I got home.  But I didn’t have one, so hope to remember at least some of them.

I still seem to be in the writing or communication mode.  If I get this and another post I am working on completed by tomorrow that will be five posts this week!  A record, one I probably won’t keep up as I seem to go in spurts.   And according to my blog stats this week was a record high for the number of views my blog received.

I’ve been thinking how everything is really all connected.  I noticed a strange thing recently.  I was staying at a home that has enamel sinks.  One was really stained.  I wondered if some Comet and scouring would clean it.  Then one morning while brushing my teeth, I noticed that there were clean spots on the sink.  I realized it was where my toothpaste had dripped.  So I tried rubbing other areas with some toothpaste and it did seem to clean it.  But it cleaned best when the toothpaste sat on the spot a bit. This triggered a memory that I have heard, that using too much toothpaste can take the enamel off our teeth.  Well, it makes sense when I think about it.  I guess enamel is enamel.  I’ve never been a science whiz, but as I understand it our body’s are composed of minerals, etc.

Another thing I was thinking about was the title for this post.  One of my first post’s title is Musings for today.  So I wondered if I should have a different title for each post.  Then I thought that instead I think I will have some post titles that I use over and over.  Since I’m interested in so many different things, some people may like to view just certain content in my posts.  Using the same titles will be a way for you, my readers, to choose those posts you most enjoy.  I don’t know enough about blogs to know if this is common or not.  But I remember my sons telling me “it’s your blog, you can do what you want with it”.  I like that.

You have probably realized by now-at least if you have been reading my posts for awhile-that I’m an individualist.  (Some people would call it stubborn or worse.)  But the fact is I like to do things my way.  As I write that it sounds like a bad things.  And it can be if I would be pushy about it.  But I think (and hope) that I also give others the same option–to do things their way.  So it seems to me that not being afraid to do or try something, to be a little ‘different’ can be a good thing.  Someone mentioned today that God made us all different and yet we try so hard to all be the same.  We talked about how much better it would be if we could all except ourselves and others as we are and treasure the differences.

Someone brought up the movie about Temple Grandin.  It is a true story about an girl/woman that has an autism condition and became famous, She insisted she could understand how it feels to be a cow and experience harsh treatment from humans.  She advocated for humane treatment of animal and demonstrated alternative methods of accomplishing tasks involving animals.  Many of her methods are used around the world today.  She didn’t let her ‘difference’ stop her.  I like that.

You know it’s been hot when it’s 93 degrees and it feel nice!  So different from several weeks of over 100, and many days with high humidity too.  I can take the heat a LOT better than the humidity.  Humidity just saps my energy level and I feel I can hardly breathe.  I guess with so much air conditioning around everywhere it is hard for my body to adjust to the heat.   But so glad we have the a/c!

Today, again, I noticed the beauty of nature. When I went outside this morning I felt the cool breeze on my cheek.  On my drive  I loved to see the huge bales of hay in the fields.  The few spotty rains we’ve had lately have done an amazing job of greening up some areas.  As I look out the window just now I see the leaves blowing in the wind, casting shadows one place and then another.  And I wonder is it possible to draw in a way to show the breeze?  Even if it is, it would only be just a copy, never as good as feeling the real thing.  But still stirring, if drawn well.

Then again, who’s to say what is drawing well?  Different things speak to different people.  To me it seems we need to find what stirs our hearts and then fill our life with it.  So what stirs you?

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