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Cosas me gustan de la vida urbana

4 Mar

Me gusta Jacksonville mucho.  Hay es mucho cosa para que hacer y ver.  En ‘meet-up’ busco para los groups que me gusta.  Es una manera de conocer gente y  encontar cosas que me gusta hacer.  Mis grupos son de los jardines, música, y español.   Algunos de los groupos reúnen el sábado  pero otras durante la semana.

Tqmbién me gusta que conducir por la ciudad.  Hay son muchas cosas ver.  Hay muchos parques hermosos.  Me gusta ver los edificios, especialmente en la área centro de la ciudad.  Me gusta ver la casa ancianidad, algunas largo pero otras son pequeña. Hay muchos restaurantes y es posible encontrar muchos diferentes comidas ėthnicas.  Hay todo typo de tiendas.  Hay grandes centros comerciales, pero me gustan las tiendas pequeñas mejores.  También la playa no estå lejos de la ciudad.  La playa y los ríos son muy hermoso.

Hay mucha cosa que quiero dibujar.  Asisto un clase dibujo y aprendo mucho.  Puedo publicar algunos de mis dibujos a este blog mås tarde.

Me gusta cominar en la playa, cerca los ríos y por la ciudad.  Es un buen ejercido y  hay tantas cosas que ver.  Donde vivo yo camino a la oficina postal, el mercado, el almacén de la droga, la biblioteca y varios restaurantes.

La vida enla ciudad es bueno para mi y lo disfruto.

Living large in a small (?) place

27 Feb

I see my last post was in December.  If you’ve read that post, you surely realize I have been busy.  Trying new things, meeting new people,   I am indeed living large in a small place.

So why the (?) in the title?  Well. that is a story in itself.  I’m living in basically a one room apartment.  There are no windows except a 6″ gap at the top of the front door and about the same at the top of the bathroom window.  This was formerly a storeroom and all the windows have been closed off.  Although I say I’m living in a one room apartment, the apartment really has two rooms, with a big opening between them.  That other part is for other family members’ use and I rarely do anything there.  It does, however, serve as a very welcome sense of space, in what would otherwise–for me–be a somewhat claustrophobic place!  Also, there is a connecting door to the business area, that I can open (at times) and see windows and more light.

Then, too, there is the whole outside area!  I am close to nearly everything.  Within walking distance of drug store, grocery, post office, several restaurants and the river,  This is mostly what makes it possible for me to live here.  I love light.  I have a son who liked his bedroom in the basement.  Not me.  If I go for very long without light and sun, I start being very grumpy.  And living in this low-light apartment forces me out.  So even on cool cloudy, rainy days, I’m usually outside for at least part of the day.  I may be in the car, instead of walking, but I’m out.

And speaking of being in the car—I’ve found so many things to do in the surrounding areas.  To me, Jacksonville seems to be one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been in.  It is so easy to get around and the traffic isn’t too terrible even in the busiest times.   I’ve been driving around a lot.  And I find so much to look at and take pics of.  So much I eventually want to draw.  There are parks all over.  There is the river, well I should say rivers.  Because there are several.  And all of the shopping. Beautiful older homes.  Little quaint areas with very narrow streets.  Sailboats dotting the river landscape.  The downtown skyline.    Then there is the beach, although for some strange reason, I find myself drawn more to the rivers than the beach.  But I still enjoy the beach and will probably spend more time there.

I’ve found many new friends on meet-up.com.  I’ve also found some groups that sounded like something I might be interested in–but realized (thankfully before I joined them) that some group titles aren’t what one might think.  Another learning experience for me!

Back to my small apartment.  I’ve been interested in small spaces for a long time, and find I really love this size place.  It has everything I need!  It’s amazing how little it really takes to live.  In fact the only thing I would eventually miss that I don’t have room for is my piano and my garden.  It is so convenient and easy to keep clean.  I think that is because when things get messy I notice it more.  Instead of stuff strung all around the house, it is right there in front of me.

In fact I love it so much down here that I have been dreading going back.  Then it occurred to me—I don’t really have to.  Perhaps this is a time in my life for some me time.  I can try it for awhile and see what the summer is like.  I don’t have to commit to any time frame.  Maybe I can spend time both places.  Or maybe I will find I tire of this.  Who knows?  The thing I’m savoring now, is that I have that choice.

I want to add some pics and describe some of the places I’ve been.  But that will have to be in the future.  Just now I’m enjoying the doing!  Loving my small place, made large by the outdoor world.

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