It’s one of those mornings

2 Mar

I started to write this as a text message to my family, but it got too long.  I decided then to put it on Facebook, but it got long for that and I realized I could put it on my blog and link it to Facebook.  (That’s something I’ve learned to do fairly well,}  To save retyping and editing it again–as I just did when I changed from text to Facebook–I will just copy it and edit as little as possible.  Here is what I’ve written so far:

It seems to be one of those days.  It was hard to get up this morning but I wanted to go to my church meeting, so I made myself get up, after a 30 minute sleep-in.  I still had plenty of time and was having a leisurely breakfast when I got a call that church was north of here today, up near Callahan.  That”s quite a bit further away from where I usually go.  I appreciate that someone thought to let me know ahead of time, even though it was short notice.  Otherwise I would have driven there and wondered where everyone was.  Or thought I had my days mixed up.  Ha.  Or maybe that the rapture had come and I was left.  (That isn’t a good feeling.)

Anyway I quickly finished breakfast, found a travel mug for my coffee and was heading out the door when I remembered that I had to get gas.  I didn’t get it yesterday when I was out because the traffic was terrible.  It was a nice day and everybody seemed to be on the road.  Also, I thought I would have plenty of time this morning.

After getting gas, I looked at my watch and realized there was no way I could get there in time, so I headed back home.  Where, on the way into my apartment, I spilled coffee on myself.   My mug was open because I had intended to drink it (as I drove) I just hadn’t had time yet.

Now I’m sitting here in the apartment wondering what to do, arguing with myself.  Lol    I feel like going back to bed–but it is so nice out.   I have a headache–well I have had a bit of a hectic morning, haven’t had my coffee yet and…oh.. I haven’t taken my allergy pill yet.  At least I don’t think I have.  I remember noticing that my vitamin box needed refilling and I didn’t have time to fill it, but I would have to remember to take my allergy pill before I left.  (I usually take the allergy meds and the supplements at the same time, after breakfast, so I don’t forget to take them.)  So did I take the allergy pill or not?  IDK!!!  Better not to take it, I guess, than to double up.

Bed or change into something more comfy and go out.  Hmmm  Bed is winning.  Think I’ll get into something comfy, fix more coffee–hopefully to drink, not pour on self–then see.

I hope my afternoon will be better.  I had planned to go downtown to the Home and Patio show where my son-in-law has a booth.  But traffic will be bad.  Oh, oh, arguing with myself again.  Guess I better quit writing and get comfy.

—And that is what my ‘text’ has turned into.  You can see it is much too long for a text.  So glad I have this blog where I can write whatever I want, whenever–glad my son suggested blogging for me.  I still haven’t decided on the rest of my day, but as I sit here writing this,  in comfortable clothes, sipping my coffee, I realize at least I feel better.  Not wanting to go back to bed quite as much.  Maybe I will take my coffee out back for awhile and soak up the sun.  Or maybe I will get with my daughter later.  It can be a good day in spite of some setbacks.



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