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More tweeks

24 Oct

Well, as you can see,, I’m still fine tuning my blog  After I changed the title to my domain name <learning2leftovers> I had a problem with the title overlapping the description tagline and the search box.  I tried various things but nothing seemed to work.

That caused me to search out other themes.  WordPress has LOTS of themes.  I did the demos on ones that caught my eye.  But after checking out all the features I found I like my present theme “Sight” best.

So after trying variations of my title, I came up with one that makes m blog title, description tagline and search box all fit without overlapping.   I would prefer to not use the shortened title, but I certainly like it better than the overlapping I had.

All in all I’m pleased with my new look.  Let me know what you think.

Working out the bugs

23 Oct

As you can see, I’ve changed my blog theme.  But it isn’t quite like I want yet.  I don’t like the description of my blog placed behind the blog title.  I would much rather have it located under the title.  It’s really distracting as it is.  So I’m trying to fix that, but no luck yet.  One help topic I opened suggested a Custom Design.  Unfortunately that requires I know html or CSS.  I don’t know either.  But since that is the only topic I’ve found so far that addresses the issue, I’ve started a htm tutorial.  Wonder how long that will take me?

I just discovered one really strange thing.  When I preview this post using my laptop my description tagline is displayed as the above paragraph describes.  But when I logged on with my iPad it is displayed under my blog title.  I’ll have to check it out once I log out then just go to site as a reader, not signed in.  If the description  is under the title, then I will have to decide if I still want to learn html.

Another thing I haven’t yet figured out is how to add the selection tabs across the top of the page under my title.  The theme demo showed seven tabs, but only two are presently displayed on my blog–Home and About.  However, the reader can click on a topic in the Category section in the box to the right to access posts in that particular category.  I just wish I could put them at the top of the page.  One difficulty I’m finding  is that I’ve yet to learn what these tabs are called.  It seems the success of any search is to enter the correct word.  I seem to find things by much trial and error.  As I preview this post before publishing it, I’m wondering if the tabs across the top are Pages.  I will have to check that out.

I have addressed these issues in the WordPress forum.  Hopefully I will get some help there.  If any of you reading this has the answers, please let me know.

I still need to place a blog photo under under my title.  Since I’m interested in so many different things which this blog covers, I’m having some difficulty in selecting one.  .Maybe I need to make a collage and take a picture of that! (If I knew how to add a smile symbol, it would be here.)

Otherwise, I’m pleased with the new theme.   I have been successful changing several things to customize the page.  One is the color scheme–I love the title in purple (my favorite color).  I’m glad, too,  I was able to change my title to match my domain name.  I’m also pleased that I found out how to add the Widget where readers can follow my blog via email.   And I like the Category header above each post title.  I think the search box in also a good addition.  I’m not sure yet if the comment tab is best at the top or the bottom of the post.  I guess I will try it at the top and see how it goes.  What do you readers think?

Well, at least changing my blog theme is keeping me busy.  It’s really a good thing I enjoy learning new things or I would really be frustrated.  I realize more and more as time goes on that blogging is as much a learning experience as the things I’m writing about.  But for the most part I do enjoy it.  I just have to keep working out the bugs.  I just hope this work in process blog won’t be too frustrating for my readers.

Wish me luck!

23 Oct

Well, I’ve now got all the posts renamed and re-categorized.  Also, have the categories more condensed.  So now I’m ready to change the theme.  My heart is racing, but I’m going to do it.

I know it will still take me a while to reformat the new theme, so please bear with me.  As always, please comment.  Although I really do love writing this blog, your comments along with the stats really encourage me to keep  going.

Changing blog theme

20 Oct

There is so much to learn about so many things!  Nearly always when  I want to do something new or change things, I find I have to learn how.  Take this blog.  I do want to get my artwork published, but need to learn more about posting pics.  And I’m not really satisfied with the appearance of my blog.  So I must choose which to learn first.  After thinking about it awhile, I decided to change the appearance first.  Then after I have it set up the way I want  I can post the pics.

In searching WordPress support, I’ve learned that to change the blog appearance I need to select a different theme.  I’ve found one that seems to be more what I want.  And supposedly I won’t lose any content in the change.   I’ve read about how to do the change.  But, the idea of changing it is still a bit scary .  Just starting a blog was a big step, and now I’m wanting to change it!   Yet, nothing ventured is nothing learned.

I believe the first thing I need to do is  to make parent categories, more like the titles that I presently have on my posts.  I hope to have these categories displayed across the top of the blog.  This will make it easier for my readers to find specific content.  (I still need to learn more about the difference between Categories and Tags.  I think I have been using them interchangeable and they really aren’t  the same thing.)   I will need to delete or make subs of some of my Categories.

Next I will need to change the titles on all my posts, making them all different.  I will also need to put the post in the correct new category.  This should make it possible to select a specific post from a specific category. Then I will need to double check to see if the posts are in the correct categories

When I have all the current content with new titles and correctly categorized,  I will need to select the new theme.  Then it will be a matter of moving things around and getting the page to work as I want it to.

You can see this is a big undertaking for me.  And it will take me some time.   So if you happen to visit during this time of change, don”t be surprised if things seem a bit jumbled.  I will get it fixed.   And hopefully it will be a much improved blog.  Wish me luck!

Back online

16 Oct

Well, I’m finally back online.  After several frustrating weeks and trying various things, I determined that I needed a new router.  Which lead to internet search and shopping expedition to find the best value.  I tend to do that with almost everything–I want the best value for my money.  I ended up getting one from Amazon.

If I could, I would order everything online–I never have enjoyed shopping.  Except in a yarn store.  There I love to feel and see the different colors and blends.  Also a bakery where I can smell the breads.  I guess I am a very sensetory (I know that’s not really a word) person.  I seem to see beyond the obvious.  Sometimes I don’t even notice the obvious, instead my focus is on something else.  And when I listen to people speak, I hear the nuance as much as the words.  I’m not content just to look at or even have pretty flowers.  I need to touch them, smell them, and sometimes even to taste.  My kids could tell you about the flowers I used to put in salads, or the candied rose petals and violets.

One strange thing about me is that although I enjoy different tastes, I can eat just about anything.  Sometimes I concoct weird dishes.  When my kids were little I always insisted that they at least try everything. One bite can’t hurt.  Well, this backfired on me at my son’s recently.  He, too,  loves to experiment making different things.  But unlike me, he is very scientific in his methods and tracks each new venture.  He had made some egss–he told me about the method but I don’t remember what it is called.  (I probably wasn’t paying enough attention to his words.)  He uses a thermometer in the water and they are cooked for a long time.  Anyway, he had used this method and served the egg over toast.  The yolk was solid and stood up, but the white was very runny.  It looked pretty, but I like my eggs hard and just didn’t know if I could eat it.  So I ask if I could cook mine some more.  Did I ever hear it!  Both my sons were like “NO, mom, you have to ate least taste it  One bite won’t hurt you.  You have at least eat one bite.”  Well, I had to laugh with them, but I must admit I was one of the hardest bites I ever got down!  They were so surprised, cause they thought I could eat anything.  So I had to tell them that, even I, have some drawbacks.  One is runny eggs and the other is finding bones or eggshells in my food.   Whenever that occurs I find it very hard to get the food down, and to keep down what I’ve already eaten.

Last week my daughter and I did some masks for Faces.  See  We had fun making the masks and it is for a good cause. My effort at philanthropy .  I like the Wikipedia definition <philanthropy— the “love of what it is to be human”>   As soon as I have some time I will post the pics of the masks as well as ones of my drawings.  I, also, hope to get a post out soon about food and my eating healthy venture.

Back to the sensetory word.  I typed it in a web page just to see what came up.  Spelled either sensetory or sensitory it isn’t a word.  But I did find a Sensatori Resort Crete.  It is a sport type hands on resort–which I’m sure is way out of my price range.  It claims to bring you everything from sports to spa treatments with a touch of classic Creek style.  There are 4 restaurants, a main one with buffets, a Greek, a Tex-Mex and a Thai.  It sounds like a great place!

When I read their menus and often when I read of restaurant offerings for different types of food, I want to try to make them at home.  So I have lots of different spices and seasonings.  I enjoy experimenting, well really I probably like the experimenting, the trying as much as the taste of the finished product.  Sometime I enjoy the process much more than the product–as in the old world cheese venture!

That seems to be all that I have today.  Hopefully I can get another post soon.  Thanks for all of your comments and keep them coming.

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