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4 Jun

This blog is my spot where I can ramble on things in my life.   I wanted my blog name to be Listening, Learning and Leftovers.  But-as you can see-I’m new at blogging.  I found out I can’t use capital letters, spaces, or commas.   So I played around with it for awhile.  I tried llleftovers, but didn’t like that.  Then tried writing out the words with the letter ‘n’ between but that was way too long.  So finally come up with this.  Not very catchy perhaps.  But after all sometimes leftovers aren’t attractive, they’re just what’s left.

I love to learn new things!   Usually just hearing about some new and different thing captures my interest.  Sometimes, often really, I’m attracted by the slightly quirky things and ideas.  So much of this blog will be about new things I have heard of.  I will also include what I am learning.  I will relate the things that currently hold my attention as well as the things I am still trying to learn.  I usually have several different interests ongoing.

As I learn I listen to retain at least some of it.  Part of my listening is listening to my heart, my reaction to the things around me.  This blog is where I will share these reflections.  As I’m writing this I find my blog is really well named if I consider the first ‘l’ as Learning.  Learning to Leftovers.  I like that!  Probably if I would have taken a little more time I would have seen if the name  ‘learning2leftovers’ was available.  But I’m more a person who learns as I go.

Another thing I’m learning as I write this is that I am WAY to used to texting!  I am expecting my laptop to automatically fill in the words and correct my mistakes.  The corrections it shows me aren’t the ones I want.  Why does it highlight ‘texting’ when what I need is for it to capitalize ‘i’ and add the apostrophes!   It is forcing me slow down and pay more attention.  Something that doesn’t come naturally to me.

The thing I need to learn next is how to send this link to my family and friends.  I’m sure it is on here someplace.  Good thing I have the time this morning to play around with it.

Although I love to learn often my attention span isn’t very long till I’m attracted to something else.  Hence, there are always leftovers.  Leftover projects or ideas, still somehow part of my dreams, of things I want to do.  I will be including many of them.

I welcome your feedback.  I learn so much from sharing with others!  I want to know your thoughts on my ideas.  Are any of you as scattered as I am?

2 Responses to “My blog name”

  1. Jerry K. July 3, 2012 at 4:28 pm #


    Actually I read your reply to my reply on “Cheesemaking”, Actually I relate even more to this article . I have a plaque on my kitchen wall with a quote I painted in “tole painting” several years ago. It reads ” Learn as if you would live forever, live as if you would die today. I am including the note I wrote in English and translated to Spanish on Google. .Buenos días, mi amigo. Es más como medio día de mañana. Acabo de leer su nota y me alegro de que va a venir a el grupo de estudio el jueves. Estoy componiendo esta en Inglés y con el traductor de Google para ponerlo en español. Voy a trabajar en la composición en español el día de hoy. Hasta más tarde, Jerry.

  2. l2leftovers July 20, 2012 at 12:03 am #

    I think i have now learned how to both post a reply that is published and send a reply. At lease I hope so. See if I can remember it next time. Ha.

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